The 6ix Sports Leadership

Luna Sanchez

Junior administrative employee

Luna Sanchez

In 2019, Luna completed her commercial professional graduation after studying at the business school of Delémont and Porrentruy for 4 years. Wishing to improve her language skills, she spent 5 months in Sydney, Australia followed by 2 months in Hamburg, Germany. She is currently studying at the Haute École de Gestion Arc in Delémont with the aim of obtaining a "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration".

Parallel to her studies Luna joined the company in October 2020 as a junior administrative employee. She will provide us valuable support in the administrative, financial and accounting framework. Furthermore, she will be the main point of contact of the players and the different actors of the firm. Additionally, she will also contribute to the success of our many future ambitious projects.

Skier and rider by heart Luna has always nurtured a special interest in hockey. Her future goal is to obtain a "Master in Sports Management".

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