The 6ix Sports Leadership


Apart from the physical performance, many aspects surround the carrier of a high-level athlete. Facing the complexity of the stakes that he has to face, being accompanied and advised plays a primary part in the growth of the athlete, as well as the success of his career.

Excellence, a necessary factor in order to become a successful athlete, is the result of high professionalism, visible on the ice rink, as well as off of it. The research of teams, legal support, the knowledge of the regulation must be entrusted with the highest care to professionals that have the same objective as you: your success. 

Specialized in hockey, The 6ix Sports Leadership, researches and puts together everything for each of its players, the best carrier choices, their finances and their personal life by presenting them with a range of services which answers to the requirements of professional sports, with a complete and personalized accompaniment, as well as a strategy adapted for each player and the stage that they are at in their career, both on and off of the ice.

Our philosophy and our methods of work are based on healthy relationships founded upon confidence. It is primordial for us to create and maintain an exclusive and transparent relationship between us and all of our athletes.

The strength of our team resides in its complementarity. International relationships, followed and sportive strategies, marketing, communication, financial placement, law and the tax system are all domains controlled by our collaborators and partners.

Before it being anything else, The 6ix Sports Leadership is a family, with values, which grows as our players succeed, sign deals, and as our young talents prosper. We invest our time and resources for the athlete and the man, who will then be able to take time for himself, for his family, and for the moments of his life which will contribute to his success and equilibrium. Our first concern is the human being and we promote values that go beyond sport, and which guarantee an incontestable growth of the player. 

It is this close relationship based on trust, enthusiasm, joy in effort, and the performance which, allied with our expertise, create the distinctive brand of The 6ix Sports Leadership world, of its collaborators and of the people who trust them, all united in the same state of mind and in one family.

If you agree with our principles and our methods of accompaniment, then join us and be the next talent of The 6ix Sports Leadership.

The job of a sports agent has evolved. It now goes further than a simple linking between an athlete and a club, we must offer the best accompaniment services to our athletes and their family. Let`s continue to change history together.