The 6ix Sports Leadership


Ice hockey

Our team personally takes care and follows the career of our athletes. For any skills “off of the ice”, we have put in place partnerships with the best market participants in their respective fields.

Definition of the career plan, looking for clubs, negotiation, renegotiation and follow-up of contracts, mediation with the employers, partners and sponsors.

From the training ground to the professional athlete, we accompany our talents through every step of their career. We define together a career plan and search for them the club that will best fit their needs and expectations.

We also support the players at the end of their sports career, and accompany them in their plans of professional reconversion.

Our work is based on the human relationship before anything else, and we work only in the interest of the player, and his family.

Defining the career plan, negotiation and follow-up of contracts.

Defining the accompaniment project, managing the relationships with the club / formation center, academic support, helping the valorization of the player (writing cv, social networks, video´s…).

We make sure that our young players build their future in the best possible conditions by proposing an individual accompaniment service, whilst being in tight collaboration with the family.

Our philosophy of accompaniment is based on a very simple principle: We act and base our strategy, structure and expertise individually, as if we were doing it for our own child.

The world of professional hockey is very difficult and demanding. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make hockey their job. If the perspectives of a career are not visible in the horizon, we will show ourselves to be objective and honest by explaining our visions and feelings to the player.

We would then evaluate a more adapted professional path with him.

Negotiation and management of sponsoring contracts (equipment suppliers/ brands), image management, press management/media.

In the times of extreme media coverage, we protect the image of our athletes and advise them about the management of their communication.

Concerned about their online reputation, we work in narrow collaboration with a communication and marketing firm, which enables each player to differentiate himself in line with his needs.

We negotiate sponsoring contracts with brands and equipment suppliers and look for partnerships.

Advice in asset strategy, tax optimization, real estate transaction and management, research of real estate goods, real estate advice.

A high-level sportsman’s career is short, and is also organized outside of the rink. For this, we assist and advise our players in the optimization (tax and financial) of their asset, by accompanying them and putting them in contact with our partners, in each specific domain.

In what concerns real estate, our partners are also able to advise and do research, in order to give our players more time to devote to their professional objectives.

We help with the management of the after-career, and collaborate with a firm specialized in the reconversion of elite sportsmen.

We define a post-sportive program, while valorizing the strength of the player and making sure it is put in application.

We set up a reinsertion strategy with our partner (career transition), specialized in this field.


Assisting the administrative acts, partners (physical trainer, mental coaching, buying and leasing of cars…), family office.

We are very close to our athletes and accompany them through the acts of everyday life and events in their private life, in order for them to be able to fully dedicate themselves to their profession.

Hockey: Speed, power, technique, agility.

A balance sheet is established with the player during the first day of the camp in order to be able to best target the points the player needs to work on (powerskating, skating, shots, handling the hockey stick, dribbles, etc…).

Every player will be individually observed throughout the camp, but he will also evolve on the ice in small groups of similar level, supervised by qualified coaches.

The training sessions will be given in French, English, and German.

Ice hockey, designated the quickest, highest paced team sport in the world, demands exceptional physical and mental abilities.

Services outside of ice hockey

Asset management

Financial planning, tax optimization, development of a performing investment strategy, pension plan (2nd-pillar), individual retirement savings (3rd pillar), estate planning, accounting, trust.


Contract law, sport law, tax law, family law, succession law, labour law, intellectual property law, etc.


Accident and health insurance, risk insurance (fatality, disability, specific risk), life insurance.

Real estate

Support in buying/selling/renting real estate, drawing up a budget, identify the needs support in buying/selling/renting real estate.